Have you ever seen Floral Dogs at the Westminster Dog Show? Well they were there in an exhibition created especially for the American Kennel Club / Westminster Kennel Club.

It was a joy to witness the enthusiasm and smiles on the faces of so many visitors who stopped by the display entitled The Dressing Room. The display represented a tableaux scene featuring Borzoi flappers and a Queen Shih Tzu primping in a French boudoir, dressed for a masquerade evening out on the town.

Jaws were dropping, cameras were flashing, and excitement filled the space. Even real dogs got in on the fun as they posed in the still life backdrop. Bichons and Afghans sat in the beautiful setting as they soaked up all the attention. It was difficult to tell the difference between the art sculptures and the real dogs. Only their tail wagging gave it away.

So, a new idea is born! An interactive concept may give me the perfect reason to take this on the road. Wouldn’t you enjoy a beautiful photo of your beloved pet in a unique artistic setting? Where will be the next location?